Leather Chic

Depster-Leather Chic  Depster Leather Chic  Depster Leather Chic  Depster Leather Chic
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Price € 299
(small version) € 325 (large version)

This casual looking bag will accompany you wherever you go. Whatever purpose, you will fall in love with this item for sure. The bag is big enough to hold A4 documents;  size 36x25x10cm small version, 40x27x14cm large version.

The metal items in this bag are imported specially from Italy. This bag contains a water proof inside, zipper pocket and mobile phone holder. Optionaly the pockets on the front of the bag can be omitted for a calmer look.


The models beneath are direct available for selling. If you like we can send you samples of the materials they are made out of first. Please use the order-button to contact us.

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