Depster-Clutch  Depster Clutch  Depster Clutch 
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Price € 249

The necessary item in your wardrobe; the clutch. Ready to wear with your most special dress or simple evening outfit. W deliver this clutch with a separate chain. You may want to wear the clutch by 'clutching it' but you may attach the chain later on in the evening to help you wear it at a buffet or on the dance floor, Size 27x14x6cm.


The models beneath are direct available for buying. If you like we can send you samples of the materials they are made out of first. Please use the order-button to contact us.

     Limited edition              Braided leather               Patchwork                   Patchwork 
real python leather POA                                         snake leather              snake leather
         Cow leather                      SOLD                   Cow leather                 Patchwork
      with croco print                                            with snake print            goat leather
   Cow and stingray          Cow leather
          leather                 with snake print


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